There are two sides to my photography. On the one hand, I am involved in sports photography. For the moment it’s mainly ski jumping, but I look forward to expanding my work to other disciplines. When at the hill, I always strive to look for unusual angles.

On the other hand, I try to combine photography with my other passions like traveling, art, and architecture. I try to capture the atmosphere of the places I visit as well as look for the details that tend to remain unnoticed (I love close-ups!). I also love warm tones of colors c:

Apart from taking pictures, I study Swedish Philology and Law. I love learning languages and for the moment you can reach out to me in English, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, or French.

My photo awards:
– Main Prize in Camera Jagellonica Photo Competition 2022 (category “architecture”) (organized by Jagiellonian University)